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The Neverending Story

Cover of The Neverending Story.

Neverending – oh, if only! I loved this book as a kid, and there are infinite possibilities for tie-ins (though arguably the book is better off without them).

The Neverending Story is special to me. It has some serious messages, and I read it early enough to have them buried deep in my brain, emerging slowly as I age. The first one was about being the loner kid who loves books, and how that doesn’t have to be a bad thing. The next one was about not forgetting your friends, and being there for them. Then we have a sharp reminder that when you do new things, you become a different person, which is both an opportunity for change and a danger if you’re not careful. An understanding that wishes emerge naturally from within, and that when you get your wish, a new one will soon arise. And finally, a belief that you can, in fact, get what you wish for, often just by focusing on the wish.

If you know only the movie, give the book a chance – the movie is very different, and covers only roughly the first half of the book.



There were doors that looked like large keyholes, others that resembled the entrances to caves, there were golden doors, some were padded and some were studded with nails, some were paper-thin and others as thick as the doors of treasure houses; there was one that looked like a giant’s mouth and another that had to be opened like a drawbridge, one that suggested a big ear and one that was made of gingerbread, one that was shaped like an oven door, and one that had to be unbuttoned.



Doch das ist eine andere Geschichte und soll ein andermal erzΓ€hlt werden.


Es ist eine seltsame Tatsache, dass das Entsetzliche seine Schrecken verliert, wenn es sich immer wiederholt.