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Diplomatic Immunity

Cover of Diplomatic Immunity.

Among the Miles Vorkosigan books, Diplomatic Immunity did not impress me. Among wider sci-fi books, it was warm, clever, with deep character and worldbuilding, and the ability to make me laugh out loud multiple times. It is a credit to the Vorkosigan series that this book does not stand out as good.

I liked a lot about Diplomatic Immunity: Seeing Bel Thorne again, seeing quaddie culture, Miles and Ekaterin having grown up a bit โ€“ all that was good. At the same time the plot was โ€ฆ less than inspired. The intended twist didn’t twist at all, and other than that, it followed the arc of “Miles pokes at things, things bite Miles, Miles bites back ingeniously and then looks at a lot of collateral damage”. I’m starting to think that it was a good idea to wind the series down.