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Winterfair Gifts

Cover of Winterfair Gifts.

Wedding stories โ€“ I accidentally read this one out of order, as it belongs before Diplomatic Immunity, both to get the couple settled, and to introduce Roic as a character in his own right. Oh well. The wedding was, of course, very Milesian in every way. As this a novelly, Bujold mostly uses it to show us all our old favourites again, and still manages to cram new characters in there, plus something resembling a plot.

I was afraid that Bujold would shortchange Roic, which she mostly didn’t. I appreciated Taura more than anything (except from Aral and Cordelia, duh). I’m not a big Roic fan per se โ€“ he is boring, you have to admit โ€“ but he’s a utterly consistent, well-written character who sees implicit development over the course of three or four books.


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