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The God Engines

Cover of The God Engines.

The God Engines is a fantasy-in-space novella that involves space ships powered by imprisoned gods.



What are you still here for? I liked this one a lot, but it’s also slotting into my interests as if it was written for me โ€“ my book site has a Space Monks list for a reason. It’s not Small Gods, but it follows the same general principles on godhood and how belief powers gods, only that those gods then power space ships.

What stood out to me was that while the general storyline might be a bit predictable, the ending was not, and the characters felt nuanced and real and like Scalzi took them serious. No lazy writing here. I don’t regret spending an evening on this at all. The length felt good, too โ€“ turning it into a full-length novel would be possible, and for Scalzi probably not even hard, but it would make the story much more tedious. This length keeps everything moving along nicely without feeling rushed.