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Beware of Chicken

Cover of Beware of Chicken.

Must have fallen down a progression fantasy hole somewhere. Not usually quite my genre, but when it’s some of the better written free fiction out there (aka no typos, actual sentences, punctuation!), what can you do. It’s pretty much Stardew Valley but xianxia. Guy is oblivious but ultra powerful through his connection to the land. He’s kinda plopped into the world, but entirely unfazed. All his our-world Western commentary from a nice guy are taken as absolute teachings in a rigid society he’s barely aware of.

Fun for a bit, got a bit tiring after a while. The animals gaining a conscience were a nice touch. Didn’t much care for the romance, but I’ll say that it was handled well, not icky, and actually plausible and written from a male perspective, which is pretty unusual.

Not sure I’ll continue reading โ€“ I had fun, but grew tired of the haha-funny towards the end, so maybe one book was just enough for me.

This book is part of the 2022 Backlog Incident.