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Cover of Snuff.

Yeah, Commander Vimes and little Sammy and another book (this one about Poo). Also, the countryside. Also, Goblins turn out not to be vermin. Surprise! It’s run of the mill, but with Discworld books, that still means high quality fun.

This also concludes the Watch series, making me very sad.


Vimes had been economical with the truth when he promised his wife that he would not take any weapons on holiday with him. However, he’d reasoned that a knuckleduster was not so much a weapon as a way of making certain that he stayed alive. It could be called a defensive instrument, a kind of shield, as it were, especially if you needed to get your defense in before you were attacked.


It was a leap in the dark, but, hell, he had leapt so often that the dark was a trampoline.


What is normal? Normal is yesterday and last week and last month taken together.