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Carpe Jugulum

Cover of Carpe Jugulum.

Snotty vampires. Snotty vampires not at all concerned what the neighbours are thinking, no sir. Contains an excellent quote on the nature of sin. Good like all the witch books – but it was probably for the best that the Witches series ends here and the Tiffany series starts.


Perdita thought that not obeying rules was somehow cool. Agnes thought that rules like “Don’t fall into this huge pit of spikes” were there for a purpose.

Lancre operated on the feudal system, which was to say, everyone feuded all the time and handed on the fight to their descendants.

There is a very interesting debate raging at the moment about the nature of sin, for example.” “And what do they think? Against it, are they?” “It’s not as simple as that. It’s not a black and white issue. There are so many shades of gray.” “Nope.” “Pardon?” “There’s no grays, only white that’s got grubby. I’m surprised you don’t know that. And sin, young man, is when you treat people as things. Including yourself. That’s what sin is.” “It’s a lot more complicated than that—” “No. It ain’t. When people say things are a lot more complicated than that, they means they’re getting worried that they won’t like the truth. People as things, that’s where it starts.” “Oh, I’m sure there are worse crimes—” “But they starts with thinking about people as things…”

This was a test. Everything was a test. Everything was a competition. Life put them in front of you every day. You watched yourself all the time. You had to make choices. You never get told which ones were right.