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Lily’s Boy

Again, actually nice fanfic โ€“ same author as the last one, so that’s not too surprising. Covers the whole story. Bit standard and boring in places, but then picks up, with some actual foreshadowing. Cedric’s death hits much harder than in the books now that there is an actual character involved. Politics, war, buildup and planning. Portraits, departures from cannon, animagi side plots, ancient lore: what’s not to love? Enby Tonks in a good relationship, and much queer goodness. Too many happy relationships and bullshit betrothals, but what can you do. A new primary school. A national team. Happily ever after. yeah, this was nice.

On re-read: The initial rush through third year is very “we all know what’s going on here, right?”, but otoh โ€“ we do all know what’s going on, so there. It’s very hard on the “comfort” side of hurt-comfort, with not a ton of tension, but y’know, popcorn reads are good, too. Harry discovering that he’s gay by being both into his future boyfriend and totally crushing on the way-too-cool Bill was a nice touch. Towards the end, the fic was very skimmable โ€“ in increasingly shorter intervals, the author seemed to decide that now would be a good time for a smut/romance chapter, and they were very same-y. You get very much what’s on the tin.

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