A Little Book on the Human Shadow

Cover of A Little Book on the Human Shadow.

On a whim, I read A Little Book on the Human Shadow. It’s very short, and it felt very much worth my time.

It’s an even split: I felt indifferent about a third of it (mostly the poetry commentary), I wasn’t interested in another third (very specific to US American culture, and of a certain time or generation), and the last third was extremely useful and interesting. As it’s a very short book, I count that as a win.

Here’s what stood out as helpful in his notes on shadow work:

Two refreshing things occurred to me: Some parts of the book are very gendered, and surprisingly enough in a useful way, I thought. I also liked that generally, Bly often just points in directions, or says “there’s something more here, but I really don’t know what it is”.

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