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Dealing with Dragons

Cover of Dealing with Dragons.

A sweet, sweet book: Princess Cimorene can’t be bothered with pesky princess stuff, because she’d much rather learn Latin, or fencing, or cooking, or bookkeeping, or juggling, or literally anything any profession at court could teach her. Frustrated and running from a terrifyingly boring engagement, she runs away and goes to live with a dragon. She’s the first princess to do so without being kidnapped first, but things work out pretty well โ€“ her practicality sees her ready to deal with magic and sorting the library (plus, extremely sensibly fireproofing herself), but also with annoying knights with a saviour complex, evil wizards and dragon politics.

The story is sweet, the writing adorable, and it never once goes too far into โ€œnot like the other girlsโ€. Yes, there are annoying superficial princesses, just as there are annoying superficial princes. But there is also an extremely cool witch, plus the princess and the dragon, and everything works out really well. Cimorene and Tiffany would like each other.