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His Majesty’s Dragon

Cover of His Majesty's Dragon.

Very nice, if you’re into Age of Sail, sparkling aristocrat bullshit. I happen to like that sort of thing. I like Dumas, ffs, so it should surprise absolutely nobody that “Master and Commander, but with dragons” works pretty well for me. The dragons were surprisingly cool and non-generic, and the care for them, too. Obviously zero character depth, single-adjective characters, villains scowling evilly while mistreating kittens and so on, but that’s just part of the genre.

This book is part of the 2022 Backlog Incident.

Plot summary

Beware: full spoilers! Also probably incomplete and possibly incomprehensible.

Mr Protagonist is a good captain, but is forced by circumstances to become a not nearly as socially acceptable dragon rider. But as he’s all glamorous and dutiful, he figures out how to do it well and be a gentleman and so on.