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The Vor Game

Cover of The Vor Game.

The Vor Game is another Miles book in the Vorkosigan Saga, and as usual, it is a lot of fast-paced fun. I was lost over the first third or so, where it wasn’t clear where the plot was going, and every time I thought I had it figured out, it switched to an entirely new track. I spent a good amount of time wondering how those threads would be tied back together, and the story did not disappoint at all โ€“ but it does turn out that the first third was a standalone novella at first, explaining the break.

I love that while the Miles stories are mostly fun and action, all characters are consistent, and have noble and less-noble motivations, capabilities, and dreams. Not only Miles himself (who could be a Mary Sue were it not for his depression, and social issues, and missing ability to stop escalating, and โ€ฆ see? Good character building!), but all of his friends, comrades, subordinates, bosses, and enemies. Love the series.

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