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Mirror Dance

Cover of Mirror Dance.

Mirror Dance was yet another really good entry in the Vorkosigan Saga by Lois McMaster Bujold. I disliked the protagonist (mildly at first, strongly in the middle, barely at the end), and yet the book worked wonderfully for me. I felt afraid for Miles, scorn, compassion, and pity for his brother, and a whole range of things for everybody else. We get to see new and brilliant parts of Cordelia, and seeing the world from the eyes of Miles brother definitely shows a good perspective on our favourite hero (and reflects well on Miles’ growth over the series so far!).


All true wealth is biological,


He had to function, or die. That, he was bone-sure of. Be the best or be destroyed. He didn’t know where this certainty came from. Who was going to kill him? He didn’t know. Them, some faceless them. No time to rest. March or die.