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The Three-Body Problem

Cover of The Three-Body Problem.

I came into the first volume of Liu Cixin‘s Remembrance of Earth’s Past with high expectations, as there was somewhat of a hype surrounding the book. It’s nearly as good as (and too me, evocative of) Subjective Cosmology by Greg Egan. It’s very nice physics (and physicists) scifi. The characters were irritatingly flat a lot of the time (a common hard scifi illness), and often felt over the top to me. The beginning of the book was slow, and compared to that, the ending felt sudden (not rushed, mind, only sudden), and I missed some information and worldbuilding there – I can’t be more specific without heavy spoilers. I appreciated the somber ending (although the very final scene was over the top for me). The translation was decent. There remained occasional phrases that sounded weird/unidiomatic, but it happens, especially if there’s so much culture to translate.

By the way, shout-out to the wonderful Mastodon reading group at #sffbookclub who read and discussed the book in August, too.