Cat’s Cradle

Cover of Cat's Cradle.

(Spoiler free note to future self when I once again start confusing the different Vonnegut titles: This is the ice one.)

Not that spoilers can do much to a Vonnegut book in general, and this one is no exception: The actual plot is only an accessory to keeping the book appropriately strange and invested in its absurdist vibe. I enjoy Vonnegut as a rule, and Cat’s Cradle is no difference. I re-read it because it featured heavily in Among Others, but I was overdue for a re-read anyways.

Cat’s Cradle features lots of the prophet Bokonon (who cares), and his concept of a karass (I care!): A group of people your light is tangled up with for no very logical reason. Bokonon, of course, is made to be quotable:

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