Harry Potter and the Cursed Child

Cover of Harry Potter and the Cursed Child.

I’m very much not impressed by this bood.

While I enjoy reading plays, and I enjoy the Harry Potter universe, to me this book failed to capture the tone of the original works, provided a story consisting of plot-holes and cheap tricks, and then added inconsistencies - all in all it read like mediocre fanfiction (except for the format).

While the inconsistencies (brewing polyjuice to-go? Where is Teddy Lupin? Why are James and Lily out and about while fearing for their lives?) may sound nitpicky, they made suspension of disbelief that much harder. I liked some of the new characters, Scorpius in particular, but to my (very biased) eye and brain, there was a lot of queerbaiting going on, and that was just horribly disappointing. (Yay for consistent characterization of McGonagall, though.)

I also had an intense dislike for the time travelling. Not for breaking in-universe rules, but for being lazy, and old, and done over and over in better ways. The writers also seemed to have a weird focus on Cedric. What’s up with that?

And “Voldemort’s Daughter” sealed the “bad fanfiction” deal. Seriously.

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