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The Wizards and the Warriors

Cover of The Wizards and the Warriors.

Some wizards try to re-capture an artifact that could end the world, but get caught up in wars, petty conflicts, their own desires, centuries-old curses, the works. This book is much less generic than both the title and this summary make it sound. A lot about it is unique โ€“ like A Song of Ice and Fire crossed with Malazan.

This feeling comes from two things: The characters have unique (or at least unusual) profiles despite their flatness, and their one or two adjectives drive the plot more than anything else. And: the plot is full of twists and doesn’t follow tropes (or jumps from trope to trope so fast that it nearly doesn’t matter).

This book didn’t really work for me โ€“ everything is very “this thing happens, then the next thing happens”, and as with Malazan, it’s very much a window into a huge world. Either you get into the world (read all the books, make all the connections), or it will always be part of a bigger picture that you miss.


Though it may be death to break the law, it is death to be poor and keep it.


I see . . . tragedy everywhere. I see people who never satisfy more than a tiny part of their potential, who are not what they wish to be, yet could be so easily if they only knew how. I see women dancing for men they hate, slaves honouring masters unworthy to rule the life of a rat. I see … so much that I can hardly bear to walk through the streets