Cover of Die Habsburger ohne Reich.

Die Habsburger ohne Reich

author: Dieter Kindermann (2010)
series: Die Habsburger ohne Reich: Geschichte einer Familie seit 1918
date read: 2020-07-18
pages: 256
lists: history , german , nonfiction
rating: β˜… β˜† β˜† β˜† β˜† (did not finish)

This book was honestly, truly, terrible. I picked it up because as a history nerd, “where did this family end up” is always an interesting prompt. I had not thought that a single book could contain this amount of disjointed anecdotes, self-important injections, and – most damningly – humble and meek servility towards a dead monarchy. If I have to read books by monarchists, I’d prefer them to be stylish and clever instead of sleazy and obnoxious.