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We Are Legion

Cover of We Are Legion.

Plot summary

Bob gets uploaded, humanity gets nuked, Bob gets to replicate and play with his playthings: matter, the universe, and his enemies.

This is what peak geek power fantasy looks like. Jeez. Bob makes a strong case for Most Punchable Protagonist. I suppose you could read it as reminder that a singularity doesn’t mean problems are solved, and that AI can be just as incompetent as good old humans. Style-wise, if you can call it that, it felt like going for Andy Weir smugness vibes and failing (and even Weir’s smugness is barely tolerable; here, it’s just obnoxious). I didn’t feel invested in any of the plot points, either, and I’m perfectly happy not touching the series ever again.

This book is part of the 2022 Backlog Incident.