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Queer Tattoo

Cover of Queer Tattoo.

My tattoo artist had this on her shelf when I went and got my first ever tattoo. It caught my eye (the binding is very distinctive!), and I immediately ordered it when I got home. It’s a wonderful, wonderful thing to exist. The breadth of style and experience in it was lovely to see, and has also given me some ideas, heh. I also liked the Instagram register at the back, though by the nature of things, even shortly after the book’s release, not all links worked anymore.

The only downsides I can think of are that the interviews were not always of interest, and sometimes seemed to show off more that the interviewer ~knew~ the artist than anything else. Of course, the presented artists are also sourced via the network of the author(s), which leads to a surprising amount from Berlin artists. Not that I’m protesting! Great for me, but possibly not ideal on balance? Anyway. Fun book, and something I find myself paging through on occasion.

This book is part of the 2022 Backlog Incident.