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The Well of Ascension

Cover of The Well of Ascension.

I’m pampered by more recent Brandon Sanderson novels, and so I thought that the writing in The Well of Ascension (part two of Mistborn) was disappointing. Both the story arcs and character arcs were decent (and while patterns Sanderson likes are very noticeable, and he has gotten better at their execution, that wasn’t so bad), but the writing made clear why people say they read Sanderson “for the plot, not for the writing”. Had the plot been less plausible or the characters less likeable, I might have just stopped reading this book after the first couple of chapters. But I liked how Vin and her friends have agency and some development (even if it would’ve been great if it hadn’t been slapped in my face repeatedly). Let’s just see this book as a testament of how far Sanderson has come as a writer since then.