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The Songs of Distant Earth

Cover of The Songs of Distant Earth.

A future human settlement gets visited by the last travellers from the doomed planet earth, on their way to their final destination, a new earth. Very calm, slow, slightly utopian.

I’m not really sure what to make of this book. On the one hand, it was utterly lovely: The calm, nearly slice-of-life story of the surviving members of the human race. Touching, simple, optimistic, โ€ฆ sweet? At the same time, the lack of tension made me take a long time reading this book, and the parts that were interesting to me (the other planet! the ALIEN LIFE!) were only mentioned in passing. Weirdly frustrating for such a nice and optimistic book.


It now seems almost certain that in the real universe we may never exceed the velocity of light. Even the very closest star systems will always be decades or centuries apart; no Warp Six will ever get you from one episode to another in time for next weekโ€™s installment. The great Producer in the Sky did not arrange his programme planning that way.