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Comes Around Again

Sansukh-variation, with travelling back to the past to fix things. Not as well-written as Sansukh, but then again, what is? Decent and entertaining, but might have done more with the added knowledge – “some moments in time are fixed” is such a cope.

Also clearly follows the movie more than the book, which is a shame.

Plot summary

Beware: full spoilers! Also probably incomplete and possibly incomprehensible.

Gimli is sent back in time when he dies after a long and fulfilled life with Legolas (having even sailed West with him). He returns to just before the departure of the Company to Erebor. Claiming prophetic dreams, he tries to join, but is rejected for being too young. Gimli resolves to keep the princes – Kili and Fili – alive. Their mother, Dis, sends him after the others to keep her children safe. Gimli gets to Bilbo first, and prepares him for the company. He decides, for some reason, to tell nobody, not even Gandalf? Gandalf pushes him and Gimli tells him of the Ring awakening.

Legolas is ill, “wailing for his star”, and Radagast is called in. He figures out that he is touched by the Valar. Legolas warns of Dol Guldur and also of Saruman. Radagast goes to tell Gandalf, and Gimli hears that Legolas is ill – angst ensues. They get to Rivendell and Gimli meets young Estel – Aragorn. Eldrond and Gandalf finally corner Gimli, and Galadriel joins them! But also Saruman. After he leaves, Gimli finally explains, because how can he not, in the presence of his Lady. She stops him from revealing more than that the ring will be found and safe for sixty years. Thorin continues falling for Bilbo. Gimli tells his story to Bilbo at Beorn’s.

After their first elf party in Mirkwood, Gimli and Legolas are finally reunited. Tauriel tries to follow and meets (and captures) Kili (and oh boy, they will flirt), and the four trek back to the king. Gimli was poisoned by the spiders, so he’s out of it for a while. They figure out they were sent back because Sauron travelled back, to offset him. Gimli is put in a cell with Kili and Fili and comes clean.

They escape, and Legolas and Tauriel run to follow them upon hearing of a wounded dwarf (Kili is dying from an orc arrow wound). They kill some orcs who try to kill Bard, and heal Kili. Meanwhile, Gandalf has been captured and tortured in Dol Guldur. Galadriel’s gift saves Gimli from direct dragon fire.

Thorin in his gold madness disinherits Fili. Then Gimli is caught with Legolas, and Thorin banishes him. Gimli heads to intercept Dain, and finds Dis with him. Arkenstone switcheroo as per og. Thorin is sane again after nearly killing Bilbo. Orcs appear. Thorin talks to everybody. Battle of Five Armies. Gimli glows and looks like his older self. Azog captures Fili. He’s rescued, but his legs and knees are badly broken, but everybody survives and is happily ever after. Thorin abdicates and Fili is crowned.

People: - Bifur is a toy-maker who only speaks ancient Khuzdul - Suhni is Gimli’s mother, a silversmith - Dori is the overbearing older brother, and also originally educated as a courtesan - Dain was king at age 25, newly orphaned, missing a foot

Facts: - hair important - sign language important - Oin can read fortunes by twisting rocks apart and reading the cracks <3 - Khuzdul is secret (though in the future, Gimli, who is not one for needless secrecy, taught the young hobbits) - dwarves have a One (not all, but most), and feel a pull