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Sooner or Later Everything Falls Into the Sea

Cover of Sooner or Later Everything Falls Into the Sea.

Sarah Pinsker writes excellent short stories. This collection opens with some shorter stories, which I found too short: They ended before anything could happen, all just setting up a scenario, then leaving me hungry for something:

The man with the prosthetic arm that wants to be a road is just that. The rock star escaping a cruise ship in a post-apocalyptic waste land is just that. The world where veterans willingly suppress their memory except during one day a year, where they make policy decisions is just that. The artificial grandmother gets a tiny, tiny development. The haunted houses that simulate people’s identities could be so strong, but I felt like the twist cheapened the story. The dying architect’s family felt very real and touching, but again the ending was โ€ฆ ehhhh. The sirens that didn’t know what to do with the intersex protagonist: good idea, strong (oppressive) world description, but again ehh on the arc.

Luckily, this collection also includes her longer shorts, including two I knew already: the good Wind Will Rove and the excellent And Then There Were (N-One), which I cannot recommend enough (and which is also available stand-alone). Additionally, there was a story about one of the last touring bands in a world where holo live entertainment is everywhere, which was vivid and American (of the road-trip variety, of course) and strong.