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The Painted Man

Cover of The Painted Man.

I truly loved this book. The characters work well and stayed with me, the world is consistent and required no effort or conscious suspension of disbelief on my part, and the pacing and storytelling in general was absolutely well-done and enjoyable. I’m really looking forward to the other parts of the series. Also, yay for books with several POV characters.

I loved the diverse characters - strong female characters (with and without sexual relationships, that is!), but also weak female characters, and the same went for male chars.

I loved Arlen because he’s so headstrong, and his strength, and stupidity, and his growth. I loved Rojer, not only because he contrasts Arlen so well, but also because he is a guy who is not a typical image of masculinity, and (apart from a few scenes casting him as a coward) he stands on his own, even while contrasting Arlen. And of course, Leesha. Nothing really to say there.