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M Is for Magic

Cover of M Is for Magic.

Again - Neil Gaiman can write short stories like the best of them.

  • The Case of Four and Twenty Blackbirds: Neil wrote an entire (glorious) story based in nursery rhymes. Challenging for a non-native reader, but not impossible - I think I found most of the references and learned a lot.
  • Troll Bridge: The closest Neil Gaiman comes to Stephen King, I think. Very touching, very sweet, if you’re into, y’know, people’s lives being eaten.
  • Don’t ask Jack: Short horror story - I think if it grips you, it’s hard to get over it, but it didn’t quite work on me.
  • How to Sell the Ponti Bridge: I wanted to like that one more than I actually liked it, the trickster seemed not quite fleshed out as much as I’d have liked, but the storytelling was marvellous nonetheless.
  • October in the Chair: I knew that one already and loved to re-read Runt’s story.
  • Chivalry: So lovely, so English, and not about the Holy Grail at all.
  • The Price: Wonderful dark story - who doesn’t want to believe that a certain black cat can save us from the devil?
  • How to Talk to Girls at Parties: Knew that one already, was as lyrical as I remembered it to be.
  • Sunbird: I really love this story, and that’s why the Ponti Bridge didn’t work for me - it was similar, but not quite the same.
  • The Witch’s Headstone: Well, it’s the Graveyard Book short story and I adore that book.