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Die roten Matrosen

Cover of Die roten Matrosen.

Revolution! This book made me understand, at least a little, what happened in Germany’s past. It takes place during the 1918 revolution, and the protagonist is a boy from a worker family in Berlin’s Wedding district. It’s specific, it’s fun, it’s well-sourced. It very much stands on the pro-communist side of things (who, after all, did not win the revolution), so he may be responsible for my early dislike of socialists. Regardless, it’s an excellent book, and made sure that I could never forget what happened in those days, and who key players like Ebert, Scheidemann and Noske were.

The trilogy follows this family, but has a different point-of-view character for each book, for the years 1918, 1933 and 1945. It’s great.