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The Cruel Prince

Cover of The Cruel Prince.

Teenagers are pulled from their normal life to grow up with their half-sibling in Faerie. All the tropes included: no lies but lots of politics, cruel magic, muggle-baiting, beauty with sharp edges. The characters are pretty one-dimensional, and every twist is visible from half a book away. I liked how the protagonist made use of her ability to lie and the fae’s tendency to not even suspect lies, but it’s not enough to carry a book.

Summary: protagonist is bullied, makes stupid deals with major political players, realises her ruthless stepdad has ruthless plans, is tricked by a pretty boy obviously on his quest to trick her, never quite sells out her siblings, kills baddies, backstabs her dad, is forced into an alliance with her most cruel bully, the end. I liked the window dressing, but the plots and characters were so forgettable it hurt.