Of a Linear Circle - Part V - Ravenclaw

This part of the series goes all in on historical fiction: It follows the backdrop of Rowena Ravenclaw, who is really called Hrodwunn of Hrabanklawa, Bavaria. We get some alright character building, and more importantly, some really fun historical fiction: Hrodwunn is friends with Theophanu, the wife of Otto II, and so her fate ist connected to the complex fate of the rulers of the Holy Roman Empire. It’s well-researched and all kinds of fun (plus, part of it takes place in Quedlinburg).

Seeing an extremely intelligent, often cutting, but also diplomatic noblewoman portrayed is really, really good – bonus points for her having children, and not being overly sentimental or uncaring. The story covers a lot of ground, avoids tropes neatly, and all that in just six (though long) chapters.

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