Cover of Murder Must Advertise.

Murder Must Advertise

author: Dorothy L. Sayers (1933)
series: Lord Peter Wimsey #10
date read: 2005-12-01
pages: 356
lists: german , mystery
rating: β˜… β˜… β˜… β˜… β˜†

Murder Must Advertise is such a fun book. Witty, word-play-y, though it works best if you’re already familiar with Lord Peter. Great characterisations, and not even that bad of a plot (always the weak point with Sayers). The characters were life-like and good and touching in unexpected places. Keen eye for British class and culture. Loved the banter, missed the Bunter. I’m very happy my re-read arrived here, because Murder Must Advertise and the next book, Nine Tailors, seem to me the best of Sayers’ work.

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