Cover of The Wizard's Dilemma.

The Wizard’s Dilemma

author: Diane Duane (2001)
series: Young Wizards #5
date read: 2016-05-09
pages: 432
lists: fantasy , urban-fantasy , ya
rating: β˜… β˜… β˜… β˜† β˜†

Nita faces temptation … a lot. Felt like a Hiob story in many ways. She has to deal with her mother dying and learns how to change whole universes to try and deal with it. Reminded me a lot of Buffy in the same situation, only a lot younger (but including the outcome and the younger sister, btw).

I didn’t quite like how the criticizm of an overly-dependent Nita was addressed here, because I think it has some merit. Still an enjoyable book, especially interactions with the Advisory, but I hope that the next one will be more like High Wizardry or at least the first two in the series.

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