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The Door into Sunset

Cover of The Door into Sunset.

Silly me, I assumed that this series was a trilogy. This book was published in 1992 and doesn’t wrap up the series. There were some news on the final volume in 2018/2019, nothing since then. Sad stuff, I would have loved a real ending, and this book was โ€ฆ not it.

There was lots of good stuff in Door into Sunset, as I have come to expect. Some more character growth, some more relationship growth, some very neat cultural worldbuilding (the queen who has to make a new crown each year and can be killed or ousted during the smithing was a good one). Some more of the honestly delightful religious ideas. Much more warfare than in the previous books, treated with the appropriate gravitas.

The good parts were really good, as before: the romance, the religion, the love, the quiet appreciation of humantiy. Talking to bridges, interacting with The Land, figuring out that ancient secret rituals don’t work the way you think. But the not-for-me parts were much more not for me than in the previous books. The end includes a rather abrupt group marriage (the abrupt part is the size of the group), and the whole dragon subplot interested me far less than it really ought to. I probably would have read the next book if I could have done so immediately, but I probably won’t bother if/when it comes out in the future.