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The Tattered Sea

A Galtish harper of some talent was singing 鈥淭he Tattered Sea,鈥 a song that had become popular after enough men had died to make calling humanity mankind sound a bit off. The word in vogue these last twenty years was kynd.

One day upon the Tattered Sea
I waded out upon the waves
A comely young man for to see
Who looked to me more knight than knave

Now swam he toward a maiden brave
Who treaded water in the brine
I should have left, my shame to save
But I swam after, close behind

For I was young and poorly bred
With much to learn of lechery
Beneath the waves I dunked my head
And what there should I hap to see?

I found a tail fin fairly twinned
Where I had sought four legs entwined
Said I, 鈥淥, brother, are you kynd?鈥
Said he, 鈥淣o kynd, but surely kind

I鈥檓 kind enough to send you home
Though kynd above I seem to be
You鈥檒l find no pleasure 鈥檔eath the foam
Nor husband in the Tattered Sea鈥

Then kindly did the mermaid speak
To teach a daughter of the kynd
鈥淕o back to land and loam and seek
A legsome lad more fond than finned鈥

So turned I from the ocean cool
Much wiser than a maid might wish
For I swam out and found a school
Where lustily I sought a fish