The Concrete Jungle

Cover of The Concrete Jungle.

I love Detective Inspector Josephine Sullivan. And Basilisks. And everything cstross thinks about firmware, public sector management and Angleton.

Plot: The Very Horrible Bridget wanted to take control of more than just her share of Laundry power, so she staged a Software Audit, getting the wrong person (McLuhan) involved. The plan was to grill a cow with SCORPION STARE (multi-heades Basilisk over CCTV) do show up Angleton. That escalated (because they got afraid of the investigation) to kill 11 of the 12 devs of SCORPION STARE firmware + bystanders. Blackmail threat to upload the firmware to all CCTVs in part of London. Then, erm, Angleton takes care fo Bridget and Harriet.