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The Annihilation Score

Cover of The Annihilation Score.

A book from Mo’s perspective, right after the semi-break-up that concluded the Rhesus Chart! Insight into the Bone Violin, and a lot of Super Heroes.

In my opinion, the first quarter of the book was a bit rough. Mo refers to Bob a lot (probably to help the reader adjust to the new narrator?), her role as a woman is emphasized a lot, and the Invisibility foreshadowing was really a bit crude.

Once we are all settled in (plot, narrator, premise and all), things get smoother. Mo’s mental state aswell as her relationships with Mhari, Ramona and Jim are shown in a credible and all too real way. Seeing Mo struggle with her professional and private life is touching and mostly very insightful (considering the fact that Mr Stross has, in fact, never been a woman).

The plot is, of course, a Laundry plot, which can’t live without inside takeovers, but I think everybody who reached the Annihilation Score is well used to that and willing to live with it.