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The Raven Tower

Cover of The Raven Tower.

I’m not quite sure where I stand on The Raven Tower by Ann Leckie. On the plus side: a fantasy story told from the perspective of a god (and with a fascinating definition of ‘god’, to boot), in a consistent voice (good thing I was used to second person narration from Ms Jemisin), with a not-quite predictable plot. But while I’m a fan of unusual story arcs, I found myself wanting more. The story was good, but not enough! I think this is not just me being used to Sanderson-length epic fantasy. Raven Tower has great world building and narration (and a unique take on “gods speak the truth”!), but the plot seemed a bit underdeveloped.

I’m still very happy to have read it, though โ€“ a fantasy book from the perspective of a deity is very Ann Leckie, who continues to be amazing at writing non-human characters, and letting her readers fill in all the human characters from clues the non-human protagonist/narrator doesn’t quite understand. A good concept, and it translates very well from scifi to fantasy.