Cover of To Say Nothing of the Dog.

To Say Nothing of the Dog

author: Connie Willis (1998)
series: Oxford Time Travel #2
date read: 2020-02-22
pages: 512
lists: scifi
rating: ★ ★ ★ ★ ☆

This book as good as advertised – even a bit better than that, because part of it is targeted at people who had their heart broken by Gaudy Night, which I just had two weeks ago. I’m very happy I didn’t accidentally read this one before Gaudy Night, that would’ve ruined the reading experience quite a bit.

Other than that, To Say Nothing of the Dog also very much shines on its own merits. The dry humour, the direct and indirect quotes, the impeccable research and convoluted-in-a-good-way plot only work because the characters are well built and as usual for Connie Willis everything feels real in a quietly frustrating way.

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