Cover of The Wise Man's Fear.

The Wise Man’s Fear

author: Patrick Rothfuss (2011)
series: The Kingkiller Chronicle #2
date read: 2016-07-05
pages: 994
lists: fantasy
rating: ★ ★ ★ ☆ ☆

We see Kvothe travelling here: he meets the Maer and navigates his court, hunts bandits in the woods, gets tangled up with Felurian, and finally learns the arts (Ketan) of the Adem before returning to the University. Sadly, while a bunch of things happen, few seem to have any consequences.

I liked that Kvothe seems to learn from his story and his mistakes. While some of his capabilities are still a bit Mary-Sue-ish for my tastes, he’s by no means perfect and both the storytelling and the story itself reflect this. I liked the different culture of the Adem and its discussion. I’m intrigued by Elodin. I’m irritated by the female cast and can’t put my finger on the reason.

While I felt that the evolution of Kvothe’s character was a bit smooth and seamless (the book seems to favor action over character evolution), I enjoyed that in the end of the book there is no cheap hook to make the reader gasp for the last book.

Yeah, I like these books, I suppose. I appreciate the world built (both implicitly and a lot of it explicitly), I like some of the characters, even if I’m torn on the protagonist.

But I have to echo everything pornokitsch said, too: https://www.pornokitsch.com/2011/06/n…

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