A rough progress on the yearly /r/fantasy Bingo challenge. This page doesn't show a finished board, it lists all possible square allocations. If I cover enough of the board, I'll resolve the conflicts in time for the March 31st deadline.

Book covers with a border are in hard mode (hover over the ? for square explanations and hard mode rules).

? Five SFF Short Stories
? Set in Asia
? A Selection from the r/Fantasy A to Z Genre Guide
? Book Club OR Readalong Book
? Gothic Fantasy
? Backlist Book
? Revenge-Seeking Character
? Mystery Plot
? Comfort Read
? Published in 2021
? Cat Squasher: 500+ Pages
? SFF-Related Nonfiction
? Latinx or Latin American Author
? Self-Published
? Forest Setting
? Genre Mashup
? Has Chapter Titles
? Title: _____ of _____
? First Contact
? Trans or Nonbinary Character
? Debut Author